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November 14, 2018

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Breakthrough Study


Anti-cancer Agent

Glucose Catabolism in

Rat Liver Tumors

Targeting Cancer Cell's Power Plants with 3BP

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"The HK2 Dependent “Warburg Effect” and Mitochondrial Oxidative Phosphorylation in Cancer: Targets for Effective Therapy
with 3-Bromopyruvate"
"Mitochondrial bound type II hexokinase: a key player in the growth and
survival of many cancers and an ideal prospect for therapeutic intervention"
"Hexokinase II: Cancer’s double-edged sword acting as both facilitator and
gatekeeper of malignancy when bound to mitochondria"
"A translational study “case report” on the small molecule
“energy blocker” 3-bromopyruvate (3BP) as a potent
anticancer agent: from bench side to bedside"
"Hexokinase-2 bound to mitochondria: Cancer’s stygian link to the
“Warburg effect” and a pivotal target for effective therapy"
"The pivotal roles of mitochondria in cancer: Warburg and beyond and encouraging prospects for effective therapies"
"3-Bromopyruvate: A novel antifungal agent against the human pathogen
Cryptococcus neoformans"
"The anticancer agent 3-bromopyruvate: a simple but powerful
molecule taken from the lab to the bedside"
"Transport and cytotoxicity of the anticancer drug 3-bromopyruvate
in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae"
"Glutathione may have implications in the design of 3-bromopyruvate treatment protocols for both fungal and algal infections
as well as multiple myeloma"
"Killing multiple myeloma cells with the small molecule
3-bromopyruvate: implications for therapy
"Screening the yeast genome for energetic metabolism pathways involved in a phenotypic response to the anti-cancer agent 3-bromopyruvate"
"Transport of 3-Bromopyruvate across the human erythrocyte membrane" Scientific Contributions by Dr. Ko