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January 2, 2019 - NEWS Update

August 2018 Update - Study Summary! 

                    March, 2018

KoDiscovery, LLC in partnership with The University of Maryland announces a New Preclinical Study

Dear Friends,

I am very happy to let you know that I am now working with the University of Maryland on an important preclinical cancer study. It seems that, as always, working through the necessary steps to achieve any worthwhile goal takes so much longer than we want them to take. Even so, I am hopeful that we are now making progress to receive the necessary preclinical data which will lead to the next important step of human clinical trials for 3BP as an effective anticancer therapy.

All of the critical approvals have been received through the University of Maryland, our animals have been purchased for

the study, and we are in process of developing the tumor growth necessary to soon begin treatments with 3BP. A significant part of this study will focus on the potential effectiveness of radiation as a beneficial signaler to enhance the effectiveness of 3BP as an anticancer therapy. As our study moves forward, I will try to provide some brief updates regarding our progress. 


I would also very much like to express my deep gratitude to the following individuals for your generous support of this collaboration with the University of Maryland. Because of your faith in me and your compassionate hearts, this important preclinical study is now a reality. It is my hope and dream that we will soon be able to move forward from this study to human clinical trials and then to our final goal of FDA approval to provide 3BP to all of those in need.  


Helen Abadzi

Hayle Aldren

Jennifer Allen

Barry & Kay Argroves

Eva Arnold

John & Sheila Barnett

Robert Bergmann

Anthony Blum

Lee Breslin

Richard & Rosann Broida

Rick Cheeseman

Travis Christofferson

Tom Darden

Elise Diamond

Paul & Pascale Edelman

Allen Estrin

Jeff & Liz Fisher

Laura Gardy

Ambra & Mike Grow

Todd Haim

Colin Hanson-Orr
Gregory Hopkins

Kent Howard

Thea Jokhadze

Maggie Kawaoka

S. Kim

Thomas Lahey

Marianne Macy

Robert Maxwell

James McAllister

Bruce A. McFadden

Tracie Millar

Scott Mogel

Jim Morrell

Loren Nations

Ed & Kathy O'Laughlin

Sunil Pai

Fredrick Pattersson

Gard Reian

Marylou Riche

David Rivlin

Moshe Rogosnitzky

Duk Shin

Reed Allen Slobusky

Mike & Sylvia Smith

Kole Strebel

Jiang Tao

Joel Tucciarone

Judy Wagner

Dewey & Ann Duncan Weaver III

Simon & Kate Yu

Todd Alder

Damanhuri & Rohana Alkaitis

Dwayne Anderson

Ken & Janice Argroves

Salman Banaei​

Andrew Barriskill

Sharen Black

David Blum

Gordon Brodie

Claudia Kuehnl-Burke

Sherry & Bart Chilton

David Corbin

Gerald deVastey

Thomas D’Ambola

David Emery

Shahrokh (Seve) Falati

David & Ellen Fishkin

Emily Green

Anna & Daniel Guetzkow

In Suk Han

Chelsea Hoover

Ray Hornblower

Shirley Ip

Robert Kaplan

Brenda Keels

Craig Kvam
Dawn Lemanne

Kimberly Marquardt

Pam Manfred & Steve Mayer

Stephanie Ilona McClintick

Michael Melich

Ed Miller

Robert & Deanna Moore

Ann Morrill

Thomas Nugent

Segrid Ovenland

Richard Parsons

Peter Pedersen

John Allen Reilly

David Rini

Jonathan Rivlin

Elaine Shea

Kevin Shoebridge

Barbara Smith

Barbara Sollner-Webb

Maureen Sutton

Geoff Taylor

Harrie Verhoeven

Roxanne Warga

George Yu

Supporters of Geoff Taylor's GoFundMe Campaign

A special thank you to these  Foundations for your continued support and assistance.

Oncology Foundation

- With very special gratitude to the late Mrs. Tanya J. Corbin -

The Foundation for Metabolic Cancer Therapies

 Travis Christofferson, Founder and Author of Tripping Over The Truth

Tripping Over The Truth - Korean Translation 

Compassion Center

George W. Yu Foundation

Thank you again for your interest and support.


With gratitude,


Cancer is a terrible disease that touches us all. We ask that you remember that while Dr. Ko is a passionate and dedicated research scientist, she is not a practicing medical physician. Because of this, she is unable to currently treat patients on an individual basis. By allowing her to focus her efforts, perfect her research, and make 3BP available for all, we will be supporting her goal of successfully treating cancer and bringing this great gift to humanity as quickly as possible.

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