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Herbal Medicine


This page is dedicated to Dr. Ko's development of her KOfactor® supplement line

and her vision of bringing these unique products to market to improve

and maximize our individual health outcomes. 


Brief Background Information on Dr. Ko

Dr. Ko came to Johns Hopkins in 1991 as a postdoc and worked with her mentor, Dr. Pete Pedersen, on her first task of elaborating the specifics of why the mutated CFTR (cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator) protein was dysfunctional. After seven years and seven publications she and Dr. Pedersen felt they had discovered the reason behind this faulty protein, which is then the cause of cystic fibrosis. As their work on cystic fibrosis came to a close, Dr. Ko joined with Dr. Pedersen as he returned to his 30-year research into the metabolism of cancer and his goal of finding a successful metabolic treatment for cancer. Dr. Ko is now primarily known for her year 2000 discovery of the efficacy of 3-Bromopyruvate (3BP) as a potent anticancer agent. From that discovery, her notoriety has grown as she has continued her 20+ years of  unparalleled successful animal and human case studies developing and testing her patented 3BP formulation, KAT (KoDiscovery Anticancer Therapeutics) against multiple cancers types. What you may not know is that her earlier studies and passion derive from  her first master's program in nutritional physiology at Iowa State University, which led naturally to her work in cellular health and metabolism.  Dr. Ko says it best. 


"The fields of Nutrition and Metabolism are my passion. I’ve always been fascinated by how what we eat influences our body, specifically, believing that certain natural compounds in plants are medicine. This is why animals instinctually know to eat herbs when they are sick. The compounds in herbs influence our epigenetics and metabolites in a specific way. Knowing the details of how each specific compound interacts with our bodies is critical. That’s why we only recommend certain natural compounds for certain conditions and for a certain amount of time.” ~ Dr. Young Ko

The Science of Synergy

Dr. Ko's first formulation, KOfactor 1 was developed after many years of research and testing at the KoDiscovery laboratory, while studying the interactions of a wide range of very specific natural compounds. These natural compounds have a key role to play in a holistic, multi-targeted approach to restoring health. Certain natural compounds have demonstrated the ability to target metabolic and signaling pathways within cells with minimal risk and toxicity. Moreover, combinations of specific natural compounds have demonstrated combinational-synergy, with each compound enhancing the effect of the other. The combination of the natural compounds incorporated in KOfactor 1 is supported by proprietary experimental data from the labs of KoDiscovery, in addition to the existing scientific literature. The specific compounds in KOfactor 1 act synergistically to effect and normalize a multitude of cellular processes. The two key goals she sought the reach were: 

To support changing the expression of genes to promote cellular health*

To support and normalize cellular apoptosis (programmed cell death)* 








Resulting from decades of research and developed through a collaborative effort between NewG Lab Pharma and Dr. Young Ko.

Each KOfactor product consists of a novel combination of natural products selected

to target specific cellular processes  with mechanistic cohesion. 

After successfully releasing KOfactor 1 in 2020, further study led Dr. Ko to enhance the original formula by adding proprietary ratios of two additional compounds of Resveratrol and Quercetin for even better results. In October, 2021, Dr. Ko released three supplements based on this enhanced formula, appropriately called KOfactor 1 Advanced. In addition to the new proprietary blend of active ingredients, both flavored powder formulations also contain 8 grams of protein powder from four carefully selected sources, specifically due to their unique blend of key amino acids. 











Information on the release of KOfactor 1 Advanced formulas may be found here. 


Ultimately, Dr. Ko plans to expand the KOfactor product line to include additional proprietary formulations designed to positively impact  specific metabolic targets and pathways to address a full range of health concerns. Her goal is to make available to the public proprietary formulations of natural supplements that have been rigorously tested and formulated to achieve a maximum synergistic efficacy to help support our most challenging health concerns. 

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


**Luteolin, a naturally occurring flavonoid, has a robust amount of experimental data both in vitro and in vivo revealing a variety of anti-cancer mechanisms. 1,2,3,4 Rutin, also a naturally occurring flavonoid, has strong evidence demonstrating its ability to enhance cancer cell death by upregulating the genes involved in apoptosis and those involved in arresting cell-cycle progression.5,6,7 Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), a polyphenol naturally occurring in green tea, has been extensively studied for decades for its anti-cancer properties.8,9 Proprietary internal data obtained from in vitro experiments by Young Ko, Ph.D., and colleagues, at her KoDiscovery lab, have demonstrated a synergy in killing cancer cells when Luteolin, Rutin and EGCG are combined in a specific ratio. KoFactor 1 contains this proprietary ratio of luteolin, Rutin and ECGC aimed to maximize benefit.

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